The python license model

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Fri Aug 12 02:08:23 CEST 2005

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Ramza Brown  <berlin.brown at> wrote:
>Can you distribute a python system with only a couple of libraries that 
>you plan to use.  For example, I generally avoid having a system with 
>hundreds of loose scripts(ie python library).  So, I have considered 
>only taking the libraries I need.  My question, is python license 
>friendly for doing this?

Dunno what you mean by "friendly", but aside from some little gotchas
having to do with its storied history, you can consider Python's license
functionally equivalent to BSD/MIT/Apache.  IOW, do whatever you want, as
long as you keep the copyright around.
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The way to build large Python applications is to componentize and
loosely-couple the hell out of everything.

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