Jargons of Info Tech industry

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Fri Aug 12 17:31:33 CEST 2005

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> Xah Lee wrote:
>> Jargons of Info Tech industry
>> (A Love of Jargons)
>> Xah Lee, 2002 Feb
>> People in the computing field like to spur the use of spurious
>> jargons. The less educated they are, the more they like extraneous
> [...]
> Just for the records at Google et.al. in case someone stumbles across 
> Xah's
> masterpieces in the future:
> Xah is very well known as the resident troll in many NGs and his
> 'contributions' are less then useless.

He sent a lovely one to some of the language groups the other day, 
explaining why Jonathan Swift was a poor writer. 

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