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Mike Meyer mwm at
Thu Aug 18 04:18:45 CEST 2005

Peter Decker <pydecker at> writes:

> On 8/16/05, Mike Meyer <mwm at> wrote:
>> Well, they may have created a library class that does the job for
>> them. Figuring out which is which seemed to be the point of this
>> thread.
> I guess my summary of the thread was that a library is built to do one
> thing, while a framework is built to tie many libraries together to do
> a series of connected things. If you end up using libraries in the
> same way all of the time, that's the beginning of a framework.

Having read the thread, it seems that most of the suggested
definitions don't agree with yours.

> Neither is better, IMO. They exist at completely different levels in
> completely different domains.

I think everyone would agree with that. They're obviously different
things, and you can generally tell which is which when you're looking
at one, but defining them? That's hard.

I like the concise "Your code calls a library. A framework calls your
code", but I'm not sure it's right.

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