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John Bokma john at castleamber.com
Fri Aug 26 23:55:15 CEST 2005

"T Beck" <Tracy.Beck at Infineon.com> wrote:

> John Bokma wrote:
>> "T Beck" <Tracy.Beck at Infineon.com> wrote:
>> > If we argue that people are evolving the way e-mail is handled, and
>> > adding entire new feature sets to something which has been around
>> > since the earliest days of the internet, then that's perfectly
>> > feasable. HTML itself has grown.  We've also added Javascript and
>> > Shockwave.
>> They are not additions to HTML, like PNG is no addition to HTML, or
>> wav, mp3, etc.
> [snip]
> Wasn't the point... I never said they were.

"HTML itself has grown.  We've also added Javascript"

I read that as: JavaScript is an addition to HTML.

> HTML is at version 4.0(I
> think?)

4.01? And I think it will stay there, since XML seems to be the future.

> now, AND we've added extra layers of stuff you can use
> alongside of it.  The internet is a free-flowing evolving place... to
> try to protect one little segment like usenet from ever evolving is
> just ensuring it's slow death, IMHO.

And if so, who cares? As long as people hang out on Usenet it will stay.
Does Usenet need al those extra gimmicks? To me, it would be nice if a
small set would be available. But need? No. 

The death of Usenet has been predicted for ages. And I see only more and
more groups, and maybe more and more people on it. 

As long as people who have to say something sensible keep using it, it
will stay. 

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