sending binary files to a 16 micro controller.

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Mon Aug 22 14:02:45 CEST 2005

johnny.karlsson at wrote:
> Hi, I'm working on a project were a need to be able to upload firmware
> to a microcontroller based Ethernet device. But because of the memory
> constraints the controller can only handle packages of 300 bytes each
> time. So therefore the firmware file must be sent in chunks and i need
> a header in each file describing which part of the file it is I'm
> sending. Could anyone give me some pointer on how a could accomplish
> that in python? I'm talking about the client that uploads the software
> to the device via TCP.

You can probably start here:

If you're uncertain about the exact content of the transmitted
messages, and has access to some other client program, you could
write a Python server and see exactly what bit pattern the other
client sends. Then you can write a Python client that behaves the
same way.

The basic pattern to split and transmit your file would probably
be something like:

f = open('filename')
header_template = 'Chunk %05i, %03i bytes'
for i, bytes in enumerate(
     msg = header_template % (i, len(bytes))
     msg += bytes
sock.send('The end!')

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