Mapping network drive on Linux

Steve M sjmaster at
Wed Aug 31 21:18:39 CEST 2005

You can approximate it by doing this at the command prompt:
# mkdir /z
#mount //blah/data /z

I assume 'blah' is the hostname for a Windows machine and 'data' is the
name of a share on blah. You might need to install smbfs and/or use
'mount.smb' and/or use 'mount -t smbfs'. Of course this can all be done
as a matter of Linux system administration and not as part of your
python program. (To do it within Python, take the string you would type
at the command prompt and call os.system() on it.)

If my assumption is wrong then the answer depends on what you mean by
'map a network drive to a local drive'.

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