Should I move to Amsterdam?

Adriaan Renting renting at
Wed Aug 24 14:58:39 CEST 2005

Well, I'm not sure if Amsterdam is nice, but the Netherlands is o.k., except for the weather.
I'd like to descripbe it as 49 weeks of autumn, 1 week of spring, 1 week of summer, 1 week of winter.
Currently my employer only has an opening for a Microwave Antenna designer though, sorry no Python coders.

Seems like a nice column, I'll read it completely some other time.
>>>"Wade" <wade at> 08/24/05 2:31 pm >>> 
Nice little series by Seth Stevenson for Americans daydreaming about 
emigration. Somewhere, anywhere ... maybe Amsterdam? 
I've never been to the Netherlands myself, but it sounds very 
Extra Python connection, besides the obvious one: Is "gezellig" related 
to the Zen of Python? ( 
-- Wade Leftwich 
Ithaca, NY 

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