using common lisp with python.

Robert Kern rkern at
Mon Aug 29 20:13:32 CEST 2005

cipherpunk at wrote:
> Your best bet is probably to look into your LISP environment's FFI
> (Foreign Function Interface).  Most LISP environments have some way to
> call C code directly.  Insofar as going back the other way... that I'm
> a little more sketchy on.  Guile (the Scheme compiler from GNU) is a
> strong contender, though.  It's not Common LISP, but it's a LISP with
> copious documentation for how to call it from C.

ECL might be a good choice for real Common Lisp (more or less).

> I really can't see a reason to use Python as a glue layer.  I'd
> recommend rewriting your LISP code in Python before I'd recommend using
> Python to interface between Common LISP and C.


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