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Fri Aug 26 19:07:32 CEST 2005

[michael wrote]
> >> I wonder why this was needed for 2.4 and not 2.2? I don't think it was
> >> lingering things from old installs because it happened on a persons
> >> computer that had never had any python installed before 2.4.
> > 

> > It might be due to a bug in the Python 2.4 installer not setting the
> > proper file associations. What installer package did you use?
> I used the python2.4.MSI from site (dated 3-6-05). I think this
> was the first time they went to MSI verses an exe based installer.
> it says Python 2.4 (#60 November 30th, 2004) when I start it.

I think Martin has been doing MSIs for a little bit longer than that,
but I'm not sure.

Martin, is it possible that there is a bug in setting up the
.py/Python.File association in the python2.4.msi? Here is the start of
this thread:

What association (if any) does your Python MSI setup?


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