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usenet at isbd.co.uk wrote:
> ... and generally these "web based message boards" (i.e. forums I
> assume you mean) have none of the useful tools that Usenet offers and
> are much, much slower.

Arrgh, I *emphatically* *hate* Web-based-(almost anything). Why, oh WHY,
would we subject ourselves to Web-based message boards and Webmail
services? When using a proper e-mail client, your bandwidth usage
consists of downloading your e-mail. When using a Webmail service, your
bandwidth usage consists of downloading the message, PLUS the entire
user interface. Additionally, a user interface operating inside an HTML
renderer can NEVER be as fast as a native-code user interface with only
the e-mail message itself passed through the renderer. I mean, the way
Webmail works, you're at the message list and click on a message to
view. This causes a whole new page, user-interface and all, to be
loaded. In comparison, that's like shutting down and re-opening your
e-mail program for every single message you want to view!

Why can't we use the Web for what it was meant for: viewing hypertext
pages? Why must we turn it into a wrapper around every application



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