What is Python?!

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Wed Aug 10 07:40:34 EDT 2005

Robert Wierschke wrote:
> Having read that python is object orientated, I start wondering if 
> python is the right choice and what it is...
>     a scripting language or a "normal" language like C++ etc.

Ignore the "scripting language" label and just treat Python as a general 
purpose "normal" language like C++, Java, Ruby, and so forth.  Judge a 
language by what is done with it, not by the implementation details.

> So please tell me what python is, what are it's strength, what is it 
> good for and when should I use it and not one of the other languages.

Easily findable with some web searching... Google is your friend.

> Python is interpreted but is it compiled to something like the java byte 
> code or are there other ways to prevent the user to read my code?

The simple answer is yes, it's like Java byte code, but it's Python byte 
code instead...  As with any other language, relying on this to hide 
your code is inadvisable and ultimately a waste of time.


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