while c = f.read(1) [comment on news hosting]

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Thu Aug 25 03:35:07 CEST 2005

Greg McIntyre wrote:
> Robert Kern wrote:
>>>    Robert> Please quote the message you are replying to. We have no
>>>    Robert> idea what "the 2nd option" is.
>>>I think he means the second option you presented
>>>  If you must read one character at a time,
>>>     def reader(fileobj, blocksize=1):
>>>         """Return an iterator that reads blocks of a given size from a
>>>         file object until EOF.
>>>         ...snip
>>>With a decent threaded news/mail reader, the thread provides
>>>sufficient context, no?
>>Not taking into account the python-list gateway or GMane. I see his
>>message threaded directly under his original one.
>>And dammit, I'm vain enough that if people are complimenting my code, I
>>want to be sure about it.  ;-)
> Sorry Robert, I'm using Google Groups until I figure out the news
> settings for our ISP at work (which is most unhelpful). I'm not used to
> using it and the default 'Reply' option doesn't quote. :\ Not a good
> excuse, I know.


Well you could do worse than use the gmane.comp.python.general newsgroup 
if you want to use an NNTP newsreader. I recently left the ISP who had 
provided me with news services for years, and I am very happy with the 
gmane service (though heaven only knows why they chose to use a name 
other than comp.lang.python for the group: perhaps they were only aware 
of the list it gateways when they established the service).

Anyway, ther price is certainly right.

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