Problem (or even bug?) with Tkinter

Matt Hammond matt.hammond at
Mon Aug 22 10:33:26 CEST 2005

A fix for this has just been pointed out to me (by Reinhard Max):

I've seen problems with non-working entry and text widgets on SUSE Linux
when Tk is used with the SCIM input manager. Could you please check
whether the XMODIFIERS variable exists in the environment of your Tk
process? If exists and has the value "@im=SCIM", you could try as
aworkaround to set it to "@im=local", or just unset it before starting Tk.
If that fixes your problem, and you don't otherwise make use of SCIM, you
can just deinstall the scim package.

Unfortunately I haven't yet found a way to make Tk cooperate better with
SCIM. As a workaround for SUSE Linux 10.0 I might just unset XMODIFIERS
during Tk's startup, so that at least typing ASCII will work.

Altering the XMODIFIERS environment variable as he suggested solved the  


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