Python and the web

Joe T. jtmerch at
Mon Aug 22 22:51:29 CEST 2005

Hello group, I'm new to Python and have a couple of beginner questions that
I'm hoping someone can answer.

1. Is python something that you would recommend using for server side web
programming?  Something like C# or Java?  If so, are there any resources
that you could point me to that would help me with server side python
programming for dynamic html data?  Most of the tutorials that I see deal
with the Shell but I'd like to know more about using Python for database
querying and printing database data on an html page as I would with .net's
C# or Java.

2. I know there's a Jpython but what use would I get from using Python with
Java?  If I'm already familiar with Java programming why would I want to use
Python with Java?

Again I appreciate any help with the above two questions.



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