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Thu Aug 18 15:08:02 CEST 2005

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Alessandro Bottoni  <alessandro.bottoni at> wrote:
>Titi Anggono wrote:
>> 1. Can we use Tkinter for web application such as Java?
>What do you mean? If you want to build up a GUI (something like a HTML page)
>for a web-based application, you can do it with TKinter. Your TKinter app
>can connect to a web server (or any other kind of server) using the
>standard Python networking libraries.
>If you want to make a web application (a server-side application similar to
>the ones you can create with JSP or EJB) you do not need Tkinter at all.
>Just use Python itself (see Albatross, Webware and Quixote for a few
>web-app frameworks for Python).
... or, if you mean, "is Python an apt language for client-side
Web development in the way Java is, with the market-leading 
browsers all embedding JVMs which can interpret class definitions",
the answers is, "No."  And also "Yes".  

Standard Python is *not* good for client-side Web work.  Jython is,

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