Decline and fall of scripting languages ?

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Mon Aug 8 07:00:20 CEST 2005

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| Paul Rubin wrote:
[ ... re where to go from Python ]
|> Lately I'm interested in OCAML as a possible step up from Python.  It
|> has bogosity of its own (much of it syntactic) but it has static
|> typing and a serious compiler, from what I understand.  I don't think
|> I can grok it from just reading the online tutorial; I'm going to have
|> to code something in it, once I get a block of time available.  Any
|> thoughts?
| The whole ML family ( including OCaml ) and languages like Haskell
| based on a Hindley-Milnor type system clearly make a difference. I
| would say that those languages are also cutting edge in language theory
| research. It should be definitely interesting to you. Since there is no
| single language implementation you might also find one that supports
| concepts you need most e.g. concurrency:

My vote would be Haskell first, then other functional languages.
Learning FP with Objective CAML is like learning to swim in a
wading pool -- you won't drown, but there's a good chance you
won't really learn to swim either.  Has an interesting, very
rigorous OOP model though.

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