Newbie question: Sub-interpreters for CAD program

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Aug 25 16:13:13 CEST 2005

Terry Hancock wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 August 2005 09:12 pm, Peter Hansen wrote:
>>Or even which, although probably for 
>>mechanical CAD work (I haven't looked at it, don't really know), is 
>>surely a good place to get ideas of what Python can do in this area.
> No, I doubt it.  PythonCAD is a 2D mechanical CAD drawing system.
> I don't think it would be anywhere near what this guy wants.  They're
> just different applications. He's looking for an electronic CAD system or
> EDA, I'm pretty sure (or looking to write one, rather).

As an engineer who's worked extensively in both kinds of systems 
(primarily designing microcontroller-based circuit boards), and a 
programmer who's stolen useful ideas from endless amounts of other 
people's code, I'll say only that I disagree with your implication that 
looking at PythonCAD will give him no useful ideas whatsoever about how 
certain aspects of CAD programs could be handled.  PCB layout programs 
do, after all, have to do the basic work of displaying circuits (which 
as you know are generally shown as 2D drawings).


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