Beginner/Not Yet Programmer autocrat132000 at
Mon Aug 29 01:16:25 CEST 2005

I've never programmed before, so I thought I'd try and learn a bit by
using some Python tutorials.  I started using the tutorial at  It
mentioned different forms of Python, specifically Command Line and
IDLE.  Being inexperienced, I'm not sure how to change from Command
Line to IDLE, and I'm not sure which one I'm in when I start up the
program.  In my Python folder, the only applications I have are
python.exe and pythonw.exe.  Pythonw.exe won't run.  So, I run
python.exe, and I'm not sure whether it is IDLE, Command Line, or
neither.  Also, I'm unsure of how to save programs, considering when I
run python.exe, it opens up a window which does not have the little bar
with the "File", "Edit", "View" and "Help" buttons on it.  If you can
help me out at all, thank you.

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