Moinmoin config

Mark dominant500 at
Sat Aug 20 04:37:42 CEST 2005

The missing link under /var/www/html was exactly the problem.  Somehow
missed this in the labyrinth of setup instructions.

I have another question, and as of yet, have not found another
discussion group for moinmoin, so sorry, but here goes:

I have a table and would like the table borders to go away.  Although
it doesn't talk about border widths explicitliy, the HelpOnTables seems
to point to this :

<tablestyle="width: 80%; border: 0;">

But that does nothing to the border lines.  Adjusting width in the same
line does work to change the size of the table, but it doesn't seem to
understand 'border'.

Anyone know how to make the borders disappear?


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