Inline::Python, pyperl, etc.

Eli Stevens (WG.c) listsub at
Wed Aug 24 03:23:22 CEST 2005

The group I work with is trying to be language agnostic between Python 
and perl.  We are trying to make it so that we are able to call our 
various APIs from one language or the other without having to care* what 
language the API was written in.

I've been looking into:

Inline::Python 0.22

PyPerl 1.0.1

The interest in these projects seems to have died off about 2001, 
however.  That, or they simply haven't needed to be updated for the last 
few Python versions.

I've bumped into some snags with pyperl (can't import  But 
it's right there in site-packages/ !), and I'm wondering if it's bitrot 
or a config error on my end.

Similarly, with Inline::Python I end up getting strings passed into my 
python code when I expect integers (I posted about this on 
inline at, but things seem pretty dead over there).

Is anyone actually using any of this stuff?

Thanks for any feedback,

[*] Obviously this is a golden ideal.  We're willing to make compromises 
to get things to work.

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