Well, another try Re: while c = f.read(1)

James Sungjin Kim kimsj at mobile.snu.ac.kr
Sun Aug 21 04:42:23 CEST 2005

Robert Kern 쓴 글:
> Now go read the documentation.

Thanks to your comments, I read the corresponding helps searched by 
Google. (Sorry to say a specific search engine here, but I must say that 
it is really convinient.)

Now I realized that Command 'lambda' is a similar to Command 'inline' in 
C++. In addition, Command 'iter' is something new but not much new to c 
engineers, since it is related to 'for loops', e.g.,

 >>> s = 'abc'; it = iter(s); it.next()

I would want to express my appreciation to Paul, Robert, Jeremy, Grant, 
and Bengt, who provide good guidelines to get the answers in newsgroups.


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