Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at
Thu Aug 4 12:59:25 CEST 2005

Mage wrote:
> Thank you, I will check this out. My company will switch to a jsp site. 
Well I don't know your company and how many developers there are but I 
know this; a manager telling me what tools to use to do my job is a bad 
manager by definition because he should realize that the people who best 
know what tools to use are the peope who use the tools*. If by any 
chance a manager believes that his employees aren't qualified to make 
that decision for them self then he hired the wrong people, which makes 
him bad manager too.

But perhaps there are other compelling reasons to switch to a jsp site, 
but since this is webbased, there are *tons* of ways to mix your 
favourite language with it, even as abstracted as having a jsp (proxy) 
page do nothing more then fetch its page from a python powered internal 


* Did you know that most good chef cooks have their own knive set?
And what do you think is the reason a restaurant manager don't tell them 
to use the company in-house Amefa blades instead of his global knives?

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