Using globals with classes

Scott David Daniels Scott.Daniels at Acm.Org
Fri Aug 12 19:36:25 CEST 2005

Madhusudan Singh wrote:
> .... I am using qwtplot to display a running plot :
> void Form3::runningplot(n,plottitle,xname,x,y1name,y1,y2name,y2)
> {
^^ I presume this is just some untranslated stuff ^^
> if n==1 :
> plotkey1=self.runningqwtPlot.insertCurve(y1name,self.runningqwtPlot.xBottom,self.runningqwtPlot.yLeft)
> plotkey2=self.runningqwtPlot.insertCurve(y2name,self.runningqwtPlot.xBottom,self.runningqwtPlot.yRight)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setTitle(plottitle)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setXGrid(True)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setAxisAutoScale(self.runningqwtPlot.yLeft)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setAxisAutoScale(self.runningqwtPlot.yRight)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setAxisAutoScale(self.runningqwtPlot.xBottom)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setAxisTitle(self.runningqwtPlot.yLeft,y1name)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setAxisTitle(self.runningqwtPlot.yRight,y2name)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setAxisTitle(self.runningqwtPlot.xBottom,xname)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setCurveData(plotkey1,x,y1,n)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.setCurveData(plotkey2,x,y2,n)
>         self.runningqwtPlot.replot()
> else :
>  self.runningqwtPlot.setCurveData(plotkey1,x,y1,n)
>  self.runningqwtPlot.setCurveData(plotkey2,x,y2,n)
>  self.runningqwtPlot.replot()
> }

The way I'd normally accomplish this is to separate the setup and use
by defining a class:

class CurvePlot(object):
     def __init__(self, plot, plottitle, xname, y1name, y2name,
                  key1=None, key2=None):
         self.plot = plot
         if key1 is None:
             key1 = plot.insertCurve(y1name, plot.xBottom, plot.yLeft)
         self.key1 = key1
         if key2 is None:
             key2 = plot.insertCurve(y2name, plot.xBottom, plot.yRight)
         self.key2 = key2
         plot.setAxisTitle(plot.yLeft, y1name)
         plot.setAxisTitle(plot.yRight, y2name)
         plot.setAxisTitle(plot.xBottom, xname)

     def curve(self, x, y1, n)
             self.plot.setCurveData(self.key1, x, y1, n)
             self.plot.setCurveData(self.key2, x, y2, n)

And then calling it like:

     cplot = CurvePlot(self.runningqwtPlot, plottitle,
                       xname, y1name, y2name)
     cplot.curve(n, x, y1, y2)

> I also have a global variable named "globaldebug" that when set to True,
> shows some diagnostic information as different slots are called. That too
> fails with the same error :
> NameError: global name 'globaldebug' is not defined
What you probably don't understand is that "globals" are per-module, not
program-wide.  If you write a global from inside a function or method,
you need to declare "global varname" inside the function or method in
which you do the writing.  Simply using (reading) a global in a module
does not require the "global" declaration.

--Scott David Daniels
Scott.Daniels at Acm.Org

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