Standards not standard

Dark Cowherd darkcowherd at
Wed Aug 3 06:24:56 CEST 2005

> > I really think that the community needs a lot more of STANDARDS not
> Standards happen in one of two ways. Either an 800-lb gorrilla
> establishes them by fiat, or a group of people interested in having
> their code play well together hashes out something after they've all
> taken a crack at implementing it. The latter is slowly happening in
> the Python community. But it's a slow process.
>    <mike
> --
OK let me talk in specifics instead of abstractions.

Lets take a GUI. Consider something like wxGlade or XRCed which
generates a XML resource file and then wxPython works from it.

Suppose the python community works on defining a standard XML resource file.

Then all wrappers for GUI libraries in Python can optionally support
this XML resource file.

So if you are unfortunate enough to have to develop GUI applications
:-) you use the standard XML resource file and pick the wrapper and
the toolkit that you like.

Then for some reason - you have to switch wrapper or toolkit -  you
dont have a major crisis, you only have a minor crisis. ;-)

Of course the wrappers and toolkits are free to provide additional
functionality which the developers using those toolkits may or may not
choose to use.

I think this is what has happened with the DBAPI 2.0 for e.g.
kinterbasdb provides DBAPI 2.0 compliant methods for access to
firebird and also other non-standard methods. This is a GOOD THING and
my suggestion is that this GOOD THING must propogate into other areas
like GUI and the Web Toolkits.


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