Wheel-reinvention with Python

Mark Roseman mark at markroseman.com
Mon Aug 1 15:26:55 EDT 2005

> How can I embed a browser in Tk (I mean a real browser, like Mozilla,
> Safari, or even Exploder)?  At all?  On any platform?  This has always
> been the tradeoff for Tk.  

Try this as one example:

> Tk is great for learning, easy to write small, basic interfaces, less
> great for deploying real world apps with sophisticated interfaces.  I've
> often felt that Tk was the VB of GUI toolkits: terrific for knocking out
> simple stuff, but starts to bite you in the *** when you try to do the
> hard stuff.  wxPython is the opposite: it has a steeper learning curve,
> but once you know it, you can do amazing things.  For me, the long term
> benefits are far more important to me than how low the startup costs
> are.

I'd respectfully disagree (having done large, real-world Tk apps).  
You're right that Tk has a slow learning curve, which makes it easy to 
knock out simple interfaces really quickly - and generally ones that are 
not too impressive looking.  You can do more sophisticated ones, and 
ones that blend properly into the platforms you're working on - however, 
the amount of effort and learning curve increase substantially.  This is 
because you end up needing to do a lot more fiddling, looking at or 
using any of a large number of add-on packages, etc.).


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