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Sat Aug 6 04:02:15 CEST 2005

Kent Johnson <kent37 at> writes:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
>> The compiled jython will pay a performance penalty for being
>> dynamic. Where Java knows the type of objects, and can deduce the
>> correct method to call at compile time (well, some of the time,
>> anyway), the jython code will have to do a method search at run time.
> Yes, the compiled code makes heavy use of the Jython runtime to get anything done.
> *But* most of the hard work will probably be done by Java code in
> libraries you call. For example a Swing UI, XML parsing, database
> calls, etc all will happen in Java code.

One would hope so. That's how you get good performance out of CPython
apps - you arrange for the heavy lifting to be done by libraries
written in C.

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