Wheel-reinvention with Python

Magnus Lycka lycka at carmen.se
Tue Aug 16 11:48:37 CEST 2005

David E. Konerding DSD staff wrote:
> Actually, the real problem with the wxWidgets documentation is that it doesn't tell you
> *how* to do things.  It does only a barely adequate job as an API reference, but what it lacks is
> an extensive howto.  I waste too much of my time dinking around deep in wxPython demos trying to figure out
> what is the 'right way' to do things.

Robin Dunn does an amazing job in answering questions on the mailing
list, but the fact that it's Robin himself who responds to so many
questions does suggest a problem. I guess it would be really good if
someone (not me ;^) would wade through his postings to the mailing list
and turn that into some kind of documents.

The fact that his excellent, more or less daily postings are so badly
needed does indicate a problem, either with the design of the toolkit,
or with the docs. I'm not sure which.

When will that wxpython book appear?

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