Wheel-reinvention with Python

Cliff Wells cliff at develix.com
Tue Aug 2 13:35:30 CEST 2005

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 09:45 +0200, Torsten Bronger wrote:

> Yes, this is what I meant with "legacy code".  C and C++ are
> actually special-purpose.  They are good for controlling a computer
> but not for implementing an idea.  Their current vitality on almost
> all software areas arise from the fact that they had been extremely
> successful before Java, C#, and VB came into play.  

Unfortunately your assertion is patently false.  C and C++ are very much
general-purpose languages.  It is a logical contradiction to assert that
Java, C#, VB and Python are general-purpose languages while C and C++
are not when the former were implemented using the latter.  
Being implemented in C, Python can do nothing that C cannot.  It can
certainly make it *easier* to do things, but it conveys no new abilities
other than that of meeting deadlines ;)

As an aside, I don't disagree with what I think is your main point:
higher-level abstractions make more advanced ideas feasible.  You simply
state it far too strongly.


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