Catching stderr output from graphical apps

gry at gry at
Fri Aug 12 16:23:46 CEST 2005

Linux -2.4.20 (x86), Python 2.3.3.
I did exactly as you suggested.
After the stderr.write, a window pops up with title "Error Stream from
run of errorwindow.pyc".
The window is otherwise blank.
Nothing more happens when I do the "x=7+nosuchvariable", I just get
the next python ">>>" prompt, but no error messages.
When I try to exit the python, e.g. sys.exit(), it hangs and I have to
After the control-C, the "Error Stream..." window goes away.

Any more suggestions?  Perhaps we should take this to email, instead of
This *is* something I would like to be able to use, if we can get it

-- George

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