Fighting Spam with Python

David MacQuigg
Thu Aug 25 07:46:28 CEST 2005

Are you as mad about spam as I am?  Are you frustrated with the
pessimism and lack of progress these last two years?  Do you have
faith that an open-source project can do better than the big companies
competing for a lock-in solution?  If so, you might be interested in
the Open-Mail project.

I'm writing some scripts to check incoming mail against a registry of
reputable senders, using the new authentication methods.  Python is
ideal for this because it will give mail-system admins the ability to
experiment with the different methods, and provide some real-world
feedback sorely needed by the advocates of each method.  So far, we
have SPF and CSV.  See for the
latest project status.

I welcome anyone who is interested in helping, expecially if you have
some experience with mail transfer programs, like Sendmail or Postfix,
or spam filtering programs, like SpamAssassin.  My Python may not be
the best, so I welcome suggestions there also.  We need to make these
scripts a model of clarity.


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