The ONLY thing that prevents me from using Python

D H no at spam
Thu Aug 25 00:50:08 CEST 2005

Paul Rubin wrote:
> Richie Hindle <richie at> writes:
>>I can't speak for, but I have a Xen VPS from
>>and it's early days but so far I've been very impressed.  It's $19/mo
>>(normally $20 but they kindly gave me a 5% Open Source Developer discount)
> Do you get enough resources in that minimal-cost configuration to run
> significant Python applications?

Yes, you get more than enough to run python apps.  You have to know how 
to run your own linux box though, including installing and configuring 
any extra software you want (with debian it's very easy using 'sudo 
apt-get').  Mod_python for example and apache2.

I would look for a minimum 64mb ram, 3 gigs hd space, and minimum 15 
gigs transfer/mo.  At $20/mo, rimuhosting gives you 96mb ram, 4gig 
space, and 30gigs transfer/mo.  So that does look like a good deal.

(I don't use or work with any UML hosting provider.  I used to have 
Bytemark, and it was great, although it looks like rimu and others may 
offer more for your buck now)

The catch is the RAM restriction, which you might run into if you have 
huge mysql databases or whatever, and hard drive access is a slower than 
on a dedicated server.  But I never noticed any slowdowns or ran into 
ram limitations.

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