Python Project (sigh with Java)

Ramza Brown berlin.brown at
Tue Aug 9 04:51:49 CEST 2005

I know you may frown at my use at java, but this is a pretty simple way 
to create GUIs quickly, using Java's swing.  I have some code for an 
approach for integrating the swing GUI components and python.  I threw 
the project together in a couple of days, so it is not some massive 
application.  And, I have some little models(hehe).  Anyway, if you want 
to check out an approach for working with Jython, here it is.

Some questions, I do get asked, how do you us python code in java.  I 
normally don't like using my python objects in the java code. 
Basically, there is never the *.java files.  You can do everything in 
python, it is a lot simpler, short of language constructs you can only 
do in java.

This is a HTML code generator, you only need a java runtime.

Ramza from Atlanta

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