ANN: Kamaelia 0.2.0 released!

Matt Hammond matt.hammond at
Mon Aug 8 13:02:08 CEST 2005

On Mon, 08 Aug 2005 10:49:32 +0100, Wolfgang Keller  
<wolfgang.keller.nospam at> wrote:

>> The project aims to make it simple to build networked multimedia
>> systems (eg audio, video, interactive systems),
> Why limit the scope of application artificially?
> Axon/Kamaelia imho is perfectly applicable to any kind of application  
> that does some kind of data processing.

You're absolutely right - Axon/Kamaelia hopefully will not just be limited  
to those areas. It just so happens that those kinds of systems are the  
underlying reasons why we started building Axon/Kamaelia. That's therefore  
where we're concentrating our resources at the moment.

> Think workflow applications, business applications, application  
> integration...
> J. Paul Morrison has used the concept he named "Flow-Based-Programming"  
> for financial applications since the 60's, any control systems engineer  
> knows function-block-diagrams etc. and so on...

We have ... alot! I really do hope that this system is used for more. I'd  
be very interested to know if anyone has had a go at building any  
components - for whatever purpose. The potential for component re-use  
might mean less work for us! :-)


Matt Hammond

| Matt Hammond
| R&D Engineer, BBC Research and Development, Tadworth, Surrey, UK.

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