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> now i am planning to write a bear minimum email client in
> pyhton. i found the smtp module of python could serve my
> pupose. I can send message using mails using the smtp lib.
> Now i'm looking for some modules which can help me in
> fetching the mails from the mailserver and managing folders.
> I also look for some existing mail client, written in python 
> which wud serve my cause.

Start reading related RFCs like RFC2822, RFC2045/6/7, RFC2231, RFC821
... and then read Python documentation and you'll find that most of
these RFC are supported/implemented by python modules like 

- email
- smtlib
- rfc822

As far I know the most complete mail client written in Python is Pyne,
wich is a news/mail client written with PyGTK.

I'm writing a newsreader (XPN), wich can send mail replies, maybe you
can read its code.
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