python for microcontrollers

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 8 23:47:53 CEST 2005

Evil Bastard wrote:
> Benji York wrote:
>>Perhaps porting Pyrex would be easier.  

> Pyrex totally rocks. But for the PIC targetting, no can do:
> Any other suggestions?

Yes, port Lua instead.  Lua is pretty much designed for this sort of 
application, and is probably "Pythonic" enough to provide whatever 
advantages you were trying to get from using Python, short of it 
actually being Python.

FWIW, the interpreter/virtual machine appears to be designed to be very 
conservative with memory, though there's a chance it is somewhat tied to 
having 32-bit integers available (yet could perhaps be ported easily to 
some freaky 12-bit microcontroller anyway :-) ).


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