Opinions on KYLIX 3 (Delphi 4 Linux)

Ruben Baumann rynt at yahoo9.com
Fri Aug 5 20:37:57 CEST 2005

"windozbloz" <nethawg1 at verizon.net> wrote in message 
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> Bye Bye Billy Bob...
> I'm back with one more question, then I'll chill.  I have scoured the news
> and net for info about Borlands KYLIX 3 and have found little technical
> info about it.  Their screen shots are very impressive, similar to Visual
> Basic.  I have sent several emails to Borlands Sales and Pre-Sales
> departments.  Pre-Sales bounces and Sales won't answer.  I'm sitting here
> with money in hand ready to buy but not from a company that won't give me
> the time of day.
> Does anyone of you have experiance with KYLIX 3 and do you think I should
> consider buying it?  Thank You, I'll go oil my keyboard now.
> Doug
> -- 
> LINUX protects me from the GATES of hell !!!

KYLIX is currently not being developed by Borland.  I'm not even sure 
they're still supporting it OR selling it.  There is a guy that is currently 
providing patches for the product(third party), but KYLIX 3 is the last 
version so far.

I suspect that Borland is going to eventually drop KYLIX in favor of .NET 
and it's c# product.  There are strong indications that the MONO project 
will run vb.net, c#.net, etc, etc, etc, so there's no need for a delphi 
(pascal) compiler under Linux if true.


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