listing users in Plone

sp1d3rx at sp1d3rx at
Thu Aug 4 19:25:26 CEST 2005

Can't help you with #1 as I don't use Plone anymore. I prefer using
plain Zope and building my site around that. There's not much that
Plone adds for me, besides a skin.

As for 2,  I do have some experience doing that. First, create a ZSQL
statement that does something like this:

select * from database

then, assuming you have called it 'query1' here's the ZPT you could put
in that would use the results from your query (assuming your query
returned columns named 'name' and 'salary').

<div tal:repeat="item query1">
<span tal:content="item/name">John Doe</span><br>
<span tal:content="item/salary">$500,000</span><br>

P.S. This is the wrong group to post this question on.

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