slip beta code released

vpr mvanaswegen at
Wed Aug 24 11:10:27 CEST 2005

Hi All

Just released the code from my little excusion in socket coding with
I still need many pointers esp wrt. the way I hacked wx into the code.
Comments welcomed.

Quick start

start up the service: -s

all hosts running slip will be discovered, to see who else is around: -l

debug view: -la

to send files: c:\mp3\alphavi* bob

to send a message -m bob "catch this"

if you use windows you can add an explorer extention by creating a link
to: slip.exe -sendto and adding it to your sendto directory.

if you use explorer you can now "sendto" and a wx window will popup
asking you which peer to send it to.



comments ? mvanaswegen at

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