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T Beck Tracy.Beck at Infineon.com
Mon Aug 29 18:03:17 CEST 2005

John Bokma wrote:
> "T Beck" <Tracy.Beck at Infineon.com> wrote:
> >
> > alongside of it.  The internet is a free-flowing evolving place... to
> > try to protect one little segment like usenet from ever evolving is
> > just ensuring it's slow death, IMHO.
> And if so, who cares? As long as people hang out on Usenet it will stay.
> Does Usenet need al those extra gimmicks? To me, it would be nice if a
> small set would be available. But need? No.
> The death of Usenet has been predicted for ages. And I see only more and
> more groups, and maybe more and more people on it.
> As long as people who have to say something sensible keep using it, it
> will stay.
I suppose I was (as many people on the internet have a bad habit of
doing) being more caustic than was strictly necessary.  I don't really
forsee the death of usenet anytime soon, I just don't think the idea of
it evolving is necessarily bad.  I don't really have alot of vested
interest one way or the other, to be honest, and I'm perfectly happy
with the way it is.

I just think it's a naive view to presume it never will change, because
change is what the internet as a whole was built on.

I think I'll calmly butt out now  ^_^

-- T Beck

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