GUI tookit for science and education

Adriaan Renting renting at
Wed Aug 17 17:19:16 CEST 2005

Well, I don't think you want to write everything in HTML, but you can
certainly have a program in Python/perl/PHP/ASP/java that outputs your
user interface in HTML on one side, and maybe talks to Matlab or Root on
the otherside to do the actual science/generate the images.
I wouldn't advice Excel+VBA, unless it's the only thing you have.

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>Mateusz £oskot < at> writes: 
>>Thank you for any piece of advice in advance. 
>Ask yourself why you want a GUI toolkit.  Maybe you can write a web 
>application instead, and use a browser as the GUI.  That's a lot 
>easier to write (just use html), and makes it trivial to run the 
>application and the browser on separate machines. 
Wow Paul! 
I just couldn't help zeroing on that comment. 
   >a lot easier to write (just use html), 
I would have used adjectives like "clunky" and "limited" when talking
using an html in a browser app.  Particularly if we are talking about
powered math/graphs as we often are in the science apps indicated in the

original post. 
I would take MS Excel/VBA as the premier fat client prototyping tool/GUI

toolkit for science & education.  How would one go about replicating any
that in an HTML/browser app?  How do we get to "easier to write"? 
   >Ask yourself why you want a GUI toolkit. 
I just did.  The answer is that I don't *think* you can do much of that
Then again - I was wrong once :-) 

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