Python IDE's

Jon Hewer jonhewer at
Tue Aug 2 00:06:25 CEST 2005

I do use Vim a lot.  I am currently using it for some PHP development
i'm doing.  I'm been using it so much recently that i keep pressing
ESC and typing vi commands out of vi.

But, if i use Vi, then whenever i want to test some code i have to
open up python, import the necessary modules and run it - I like the
idea of developing python in an IDE and just hitting a run button.


On 8/1/05, Caleb Hattingh <caleb1 at> wrote:
> You know, for several years I was one of those people who simply ignored
> posts like this about Vi/Vim because I happened to come across it once on
> a sparc machine and thought it was ridiculous that I couldn't figure out
> how to type a simple note.   I thought that Vi (Vim) was some kind of
> weird and ancient legacy program that just never caught up with the times.
> About 3 or 4 months ago, I had a truly large amount of ascii text editing
> and formatting to do and in a plea for advice, I got the standard cliche
> replies to try "Vim".   Having nothing to lose, I gave it a shot.  It took
> only about two weeks before I was competent, but it was probably the
> greatest time investment I have ever made.   I now use Vim for any text
> editing purpose, and especially python coding.
> No doubt, the majority of people who read your post will instantly ignore
> it - but I know from personal experience that it would take a very special
> IDE to compete with Vim for the manipulation of text (GUI design, of
> course, is another story altogether).
> regards
> Caleb
> On Mon, 01 Aug 2005 18:57:51 +0200, projecktzero <projecktzero at>
> wrote:
> > VIM or Emacs. I use VIM on Windows, Mac, and VMS. I'd consider it more
> > of an editor than an IDE, but there are many IDE features available
> > with plug ins.
> >
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