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> Dear All,
>    I want to know the link between c and python.
> Some people with C background use Python instead   
> of  programming in C.why?

I will now reveal the secret that explains why some people who know 
how to program in C use Python instead: because they want to.

The primary Python implementation is written in C, and makes use of 
C library functions. C applications are also written in C and make 
use of C library functions. So *there* is a link. 

Here are some possible reasons for using Python instead of C:

* Some C programmers do not enjoy all aspects of C (such as 
managing dynamic allocation and deallocation of data structures), 
and prefer the higher-level abstraction of Python for routine 

* Sometimes extremely high performance is not an issue (probably 
most times), so the language choice becomes one of deciding which 
is more convenient. Generally, that would be Python. 

* Systems that must last for long periods of time will often 
require maintenance, and the clarity of Python code makes it easier 
to maintain than C equivalents in many cases. The actual code size 
is often smaller, and making changes requires fewer additional 
lines of code. This all adds up to a substantial maintenance 

* Many programmers use more languages than just one. Python is a 
good general-purpose language that is quite reasonable to choose as 
an alternative (or addition) to C. For those coming from a C 
background, learning the basics of Python syntax is quite easy. 
Those who have habitually used pseudocode to describe their program 
concepts may find it even easier to pick up Python.

I hope at least one of these points addresses your question. I 
don't know that your subject line, referring to the nature of 
Python, is actually very close to the question itself, though. 
Programmers with a background in any other language will need to 
reach an understanding of Python's true nature before they can use 
it comfortably. The same is true when learning any other language; 
the language's true nature reveals itself with enough use.


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