pydoc, best practices, and Data class

Colin J. Williams cjw at
Tue Aug 30 17:50:58 CEST 2005

nathan_kent_bullock at wrote:
> I have a python program that I am trying to generate documentation for.
> But in one of my files I have a class called "Data", when pydoc gets to
> this class it just barfs. Well more specifically it generates
> documentation for only that one class in the file, it ignores the rest
> of the classes, plus it doesn't create the standard header, Package
> Contents section, Classes section, or anything else. Just wondering if
> this is a known bug, I can get around it by naming the class something
> else and then just changing all other references to this class.
> Second question I have is is there somewhere that gives a good overview
> of best practices for documenting code in python. I read something
> about ReST (reStructuredText), is this supported by pydoc? Is it
> commonly used? I found links to docutils and other things, is pydoc
> still the standard method of creating python documentation?
> Thanks,
> Nathan Bullock
epydoc is an alternative.

Colin W.

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