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Thu Aug 18 00:21:50 CEST 2005

Thomas Bartkus napisał(a):
> "Paul Rubin" <> wrote in message
> I would take MS Excel/VBA as the premier fat client prototyping tool/GUI
> toolkit for science & education.  How would one go about replicating any of
> that in an HTML/browser app?  How do we get to "easier to write"?

As I said, I'm looking for multiplatform solution.
So, I will go with Python, Tk and C++ (for algorithm and critical parts
of applications). Tk is simple, very simple, Python I like, C++ I love,
as I'm professional C++ programmer.
Students and profs will use Python with Tk mainly.
I will convert some of libraries with algorithms they will prototype in
python (and exsiting in  Pascal) to C/C++ and bind them with Python.

There is also C++/Tk by Maciej Sobczak, great tool.


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