Psyco & Linux

fausto_barbuto at fausto_barbuto at
Sat Aug 13 01:35:44 CEST 2005

"Jeremy Sanders" <jeremy+complangpython at> wrote in

> Fausto Arinos Barbuto wrote:

> >     The specifics of my system are:
> >
> >     Athlon AMD-64 3300+
> >     SuSE 9.3 Professional (64-bit)
> >     Python 2.4
> >     gcc/g++ 3.3.5

> Ummm... I thought psyco only supported 32 bit systems. I haven't seen
> anything else to suggest otherwise. See

    You're probably right.  I will try to compile psyco on another
    32-bit Linux box I have.

> Maybe you could recompile your python in 32 bit mode. You may find that
> native 64 bit python is faster than 32 bit psyco however!

    When properly designed, scripts using Psyco are so much faster
    than the original code that I doubt native 64-bit Python can
    defeat it in terms of speed.  A fair benchmark though could
    only be carried out if I had a 64-bit version of Psyco.  I
    guess I 'll have to wait for one.

    Thanks for your reply.


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