Pre-PEP Proposal: Codetags

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Thu Aug 11 20:42:09 CEST 2005

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> Both elements seem to be missing your document: it does not propose
> changes to the Python language; instead, it proposes a specific
> way of writing comments (ie. something that is not relevant to the
> Python interpreter or libraries, only to the Python developer).

It is similar in this way and complementary to
:reStructuredText Docstring Format

However, that was only submitted after the specification and tool 
development was much more advanced, a user community existed, and proposals 
in hand to integrate with existing Python development mechanisms (pydoc and 
PEPs).  And indeed, it was adopted as an allowed PEP format and separately 
for other things such as PyDev summaries.

>Python has traditionally abstained from pushing unrelated technologies.

I remember that there was also opposition to simply 'endorsing' reST.

> Instead, it integrates with the technologies people
>find useful; in this spirit, I would rather like to see code tags
>become popular on their own merits, and *then* perhaps integrating
>support for it into IDLE could be considered.

The OP might also look for codetag usage in Python source (I know of XXX) 
and produce a useful collation/reporting tool if there is not one already.

Terry J. Reedy

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