Any projects to provide Javascript-style client-side browser access via Python?

Terry Hancock hancock at
Sun Aug 28 00:06:57 CEST 2005

On Friday 26 August 2005 02:29 pm, Kenneth McDonald wrote:
> I'm curious about this because, quite aside their function as web  
> browsers, it is now possible to build some very useable interfaces  
> using browsers with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. (The biggest problem  
> is still the lack of a decent text widget.) However, JavaScript isn't  
> really a good language for building complex applications, and it  
> would be very cool if there were some way to use Python to replace  
> client-side JavaScript, in order to gain access the DOM.
> So anyone know if there are projects underway on this?

You can currently do this by requiring Java in the browser and
using Jython for scripting.  However, it's not terribly efficient (the
Jython interpreter has to be part of the download).

OTOH, it would be possible in principle to make that into a plugin
instead of just an applet, then you would have reduced the
repeated overhead.

There hasn't seemed to be much interest in doing this, though.

Another problem is that there is some dissatisfaction that there
is any way to provide an adequate "secure" sandbox for the
python applet to run in.  OTOH, if it were running in Jython
on a Java applet, it would be subject to the same sandboxing
that is provided for Java applets.

I don't know how to ensure the same limits from a Java plugin,
but I assume it's probably possible.

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