how to append semicolon to a variable

yaffa yxxxxlxxxxx at
Sat Aug 13 17:14:32 CEST 2005

dear folks,

i have the following lines of python code:

        couch = incident.findNextSibling('td')
	price = couch.findNextSibling('td')
	sdate = price.findNextSibling('td')
	city = sdate.findNextSibling('td')
	strUrl = addr.b.string
currently what this ends up doing is creating something like this


now what i want to do is add a semicolon after the couch, price, sdate,
city so that i get something like this

couch;32;01/01/2004;new york

does anyone know how to do this?



p.s. i tried couch = couch + ';' and then i tried couch = couch + ";"
and then i tried couch = couch.append ';'

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