Embedded python debug build crashing.

Adam Tomjack adamtj at adamtj.org
Sun Aug 28 00:45:44 CEST 2005

I'm trying to embed Python 2.3.5 into a C++ application on Windows XP. 
When I build my app with debug symbols and link to a debug build of 
Python, then my program seems to crash most (but not all) of the time. 
Sometimes it crashes on startup, and sometimes at exit, sometimes not at 
all.  I haven't seen it crash with non-debug builds of my app and 
Python.  The release build runs my Python test code just fine.  When the 
debug build doesn't crash at startup, it gets through some, but not all 
of my test code.  It still crashes even if I only run Py_Intialize() and 
Py_Finalize().  My app is multithreaded, but Python only runs in the 
main thread.

I use Visual Studio .NET 2003 7.1.  If I understand things correctly, 
that means I need to recompile Python, since the prebuilt binaries are 
compiled with MSVC 6.  I've compiled both debug and non-debug versions 
of Python.  I'm sure that I'm linking my app to the correct build type. 
  I'm also pretty sure that I'm setting the PYTHONHOME environment 
variable correctly so that my app is trying to use the right Python 
runtime.  Windows has a trick where, if my app's executable is called 
app.exe, then the presence of a file called app.exe.local in the same 
directory will force my app to use local copies of DLLs first.  I've 
used that, so I'm pretty sure I'm not accidentally using the wrong DLLs 
at runtime.

I've googled and couldn't find any similar problems.  Is there something 
simple I'm forgetting to do?  I'm out of ideas.  Does anybody have any 
ideas about how to attack this problem?


Adam Tomjack

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