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Neil Benn benn at cenix-bioscience.com
Mon Aug 8 10:10:40 EDT 2005


          I can;t find a epyDoc specific mailing list, so I'll try here 
- if you know of a epyDoc mailing list then please let me know (google 
is not my friend, I can only find an announce, devel and commit list 
from 'epydoc mailing list').

    I'm working on marking up a class in epyDoc and have a few things 
that I strongly suspect I can do but can't find instructions for in the 
docs - I was hoping that someone has cracked this already:

   1. I want to document the attributes (instance and also class) of a
      class and or module, I know the tags are there - where does they
      go (before/after theclass decleration, top of the module, if
      someone puts in the class doc but misses out the module stuff, how
      will epydoc know that this is meant to be class and not module
      (although someone doing this will probably get shouted at in a
      code review!)?
   2. In the argument to the tag for raises, how can I put a link
      through to the exception?
   3. How would I go about marking up the property docs so that it knows
      what the setter and getter methods are - it links through to the
      methods but the docs arn't in there, they are in the fifth
      argument to the property method (I can manually do this using
      sections but is there a tag I can use?)

Cheers for your help,



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